IP68 & IP69K Protection Grade

Fight with You against Tough Challenges

Certified to highest IP68/IP69K rating, it can handle 2 hours of immersion in 2 meters of water or 24 hours of submission in 1 meter of concrete. Meanwhile, it can also withstand big drops up to 1.2 meters. No matter how hard the condition is, with water-resistance, dust-resistance, shock-resistance, Armor 3 will protect himself all round and then standby your side to support you. Thanks to the IP68/ IP69K protection grade, Armor 3 will serve under many circumstances, especially in tough conditions. It also means extra wide applications for you.

Toolbox and Professional Sensors

Good Assistant for Adventures

Armor 3 prepared multiple professional sensors and abundant tools in box for assisting you. With Armor 3 in hand, everything shall be smooth in your adventure.

Heat-resistance and Cold-resistance

A Song of Ice and Fire

Armor 3 is quite tough and solid due to its structure, components, stable TPU and polycarbonate. So the phone can stand without any harm between -40℃ to 80℃ while in shutting down mode, and work normally between -20℃-60℃

All Protection Design

Shell, Also the Shield

The house of Armor 3 is made of TPU, aluminium alloy reinforced polycarbonate material.Meaning, not only sturdy structure inside but also the solid surface outside, work together to protect from violent crash, rolling and torsion. Besides, its unique shape prevents dropping damage effectively.

5.7-inch 18:9 FHD+ Display

To A Wider World

Equipped 5.7 inch all-screen display, Armor 3 would show more contentand wider vision than others. Whether you are reading a article or browsing social media, Armor 3 display lets you see more at once.

Corning® Gorilla® 5

The display also adopts Corning® Gorilla® 5 to present you an outstanding optical performance and stunning images as well.

10300 mAh Battery & PE+2.0 Fast Charge

Efficient Power for One Week

To start a new adventure with Armor 3, it seems power off is not a problem any more. Packed with massive 10300 mAh Li-polymer battery, Armor 3 will run heavily at least 4 days. With the smart power-saving management, Armor 3 is rated to offer up to 1300 hours* of standby time and talk time of up 66 hours. Thanks to the advanced PE+2.0 and 9V/2A fast charging technology,Armor 3 won't take you so long to charge it fully. And all you need to do is keep it napping a while in charging, and then continue the adventure withthe refilled Armor 3. Also, Armor 3's reserve charge function also help you charge more device.

Excellent Helio P23 with Octa-core

Smooth at Your Will

Armor 3 comes with powerful MT6763 processor, also known as Helio P23, which combines the power of 16nm Octa-core processing in mind.So it runs quite quickly even playing on-line games and shifts multitask seamlessly as well. Boot up your favorite game and enjoy it like never before.

4GB + 64GB

Big Storage Brings Speed

4GB of RAM allows Helio P23 processor to show its good performance and handle all tasks effortlessly, making all tasks at ease. Open more apps and switch between them instantly, day to day tasks are snappier than ever, and battery life is better. Balanced hardware for minimized power consumption help you run apps and play games at your will. It supports 1080P FHD video recording as well.

21MP Sony Rear Camera

Explore Infinitely

Armor 3 is quite a friendly and smart assistant for the outdoor explorers, especially in shooting photos. Equipped with waterproof 21MP Sony rear camera, makes you feel free to explore the world underwater. With dual rear flash and PDAF as well, no matter what kind of condition it is, Armor 3 will service you good quality photos all the time.

Selfie Snapper

Capture the Best of You

Not to mention, 13MP front camera helps you capture the best of you and your friends.

Funny Way to Take the Phone

Sling, Holder

Plus, considering for more portable, The antenna are able to be moved, we also added one clip, one sling and one holder for your convenience. These three will help you keep the phone with you properly.

Fingerprint ID+Face Unlock

More Security, Double Safety

Take adventure with Armor 3, you security is highly guaranteed. Thanks to the advanced technology, Armor 3 equipped side-mounted fingerprint unlock and facial recognition system provides you options which makes you quickly get your phone unlocked, offering your phone dual security.

Dual Front Speaker and Smart Audio

Music Always Be with you

Equips waterproof and dustproof dual front speakers, along with anti-noise mic, which brings you crystal clear talk through the phone. Meanwhile, it also adopts high-performance TFA9890AUK chipset to enhance your music experience. Each detail we curved is to present the best for you.

Global Frequency Bands

True Freedom

With support of 35 network bands under 6 types across the globe, Armor 3 is a globe phone wide-use covering all major carriers in Asia, Europe and America, which is greatly upgrade compared to previous generation. Don't need alternative phone any more even travelling all over the world. Also, Armor 3 is compatible with CAT6 technology for maximum download speed as high as 300Mbps, ensuring stable and fast internet connection when you are surfing.

Dual 4G Dual VoLTE*

Stay Connected Wherever You Are

Armor 3 comes with not only dual sim dual standby, but also makes dual 4G dual VoLTE4 comes true. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the fluent talk and smooth network through Armor 3.

NFC+Google Pay*

Convenient and Smart Life

Don't need to be bother by multifarious cards or forgetting to take money with you. With NFC, all you need is just taking one phone, shopping, accessing, paying. Thanks to the rapid developing technology makes life more convenient and smarter.

AndroidTM 8.1 OreoTM

The Best Ever Version of Android

As the latest version of Android, the AndroidTM 8.1 OreoTM is stuffed full of exciting improvements, tweaks and refinements to help your phone do more, act faster and last longer. Everything is blazing fast, smooth,easy to use and delightful, elevating your Android experience to a whole new level.


* Above data is based on results from Ulefone labs. Accurate battery life depends on actual usage situation. Standby refers to phone is in airplane mode and intercom is closed.

* Because of incompatibility issues, some 256GB SD cards would fail to be detected.

* Whether you can use VoLTE depends on the local carriers, because not all of the the local carriers can support this function.

* Google Pay Available Country and Region : Czech Republic, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hongkong, Poland, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Belgium, Russian, Taiwan, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, German, Slovakia, Ukraine.

Subsequent available country or region please check https://pay.google.com/about

*The actual ID and UI may differ from above image, All rights reserved.

*ULEFONE Armor 3 are splash, water, and dust resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes). Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Do not attempt to charge a wet Armor 3; Liquid damage not covered under warranty.